Kercus Holding Inc. – Let us help you create the firm foundation your business needs to grow. We establish companies into the US market by consulting on such things as marketing and branding, client management, and administrative services as well as providing legal and accounting services through our partners. Kercus specializes in developing Russian and Eastern European companies but we service clients in various other regions of the world.
  • Roots
    Business valuations, cost management, profit growth, and bottom line consulting are just a few of our consulting aspects that will help you bring the most progression to your business.
  • Growth
    We specialize in developing business plans which include key marketing strategies. Regardless of the stage your business is in, we help get you to that next critical phase. Our solutions help you optimize business decisions and efficiency.
  • Upkeep
    We aim to inspire active engagement between management and employees. Let us help you put the pieces in all the right places.
  • Scalability
    Our services include business consulting for start-ups to mid-sized businesses to help them get to that next level of growth. Whether it is decreasing costs, coaching, branding, or business strategy; Kercus is for you.